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About us

If you're like me you're not a fan of high shipping costs,  delivery delays because your package is being held by customs at the border, or the dreaded brokerage & duty fees that comes with buying goods from the States.  That is one of the core reasons I started Zebra Gear, but lets rewind a bit and look at where this started and my vision for this company.

A little about me.

I started refereeing hockey back in 1992 and I've officiated up to the Provincial Junior level.  Over that time I have worked OHF Provincial Championships along with OMHA Championships, and now i'm also a supervisor with the OMHA.  I started umpiring baseball not long after hockey and have had the privilege to umpire our National Junior Baseball team.  I actually took a 10 year break from umpiring and came back in 2015.

When I came back to baseball I was fortunate enough to have kept a majority of my equipment in storage.  It was still usable and surprisingly even the clothing still fit me.  However throughout the season it was very obvious that it was time to replace a bunch of it which led me to start the hunt for new equipment.  I tried a few local sporting good stores without any luck including ones that were geared around baseball.  Sure they had some umpire equipment, but it was obvious that it was an afterthought and no one there had any experience with it. Frustrated I took the hunt online, which as we all know means having to source from American websites.  With the fluctuations of our dollar combined with the high cost of shipping and the import fees, importing everything was not a very appealing option.  That led me to think that with the amount of officials in Canada I couldn't be the only one tired of the status quo.

Fast forward to 2016, the site has launched and I have connected with some outstanding manufacturers, with more to come.  I'm constantly on the lookout for new products and will be adding more, including adding products for refs.

Thanks for visiting,

Zach Stewart